Commuting in the future – a vision

Oh shit, the alarm. Yesterday it got later than planned, again. But I have to get up, the transporter waits a maximum of 60 seconds, if I don‘t get in by then it leaves without me…

Quickly under the shower and get dressed, on the way out I get my coffee cup from the kitchen, which the coffeemaker has brewed directly into my thermo cup.

The transporter’s already here. I get in and let the screens go up. I don’t feel like talking to my co-passengers today. Instead, I directly start the integrated screen and retrieve my job information. While I go through my appointments for today with my VA (Virtual Assistant), I skim the technical notes that I still prefer to read instead of listening to. About 40 minutes and 90km later my VA reports that I’ll be there in 5 minutes. In the meantime we stopped probably 2 or 3 times to let passengers get out or change transporters and to take in new passengers. Today I had luck and did not need to change transporters. Not that that would have delayed my ride worth mentioning, it usually takes less than 30 seconds to change. The system has been working absolutely smoothly for several years now.


In the afternoon, as I leave the office, the transporterjust stopped for me. My VA has noticed that I am about to finish work and get ready to leave and has already booked my return trip fully automatically. I think about what I want to eat tonight and talk to my VA briefly to see if I have everything in the house and what I still need. As soon as I have decided, my VA orders the food. When I get home the food should already be in the kitchen. Since the sole delivery by drones was combined with a hybrid delivery of transporters equipped with drones for the last meters, the sky is not ttat full of drones anymore, thank God, and the energy balance has improved again. And I personally also have the feeling that it’s a little bit quicker. The cities have long since switched to the “tunnel delivery network” based on the old pneumatic tube principle – but this is still inefficient for the more rural areas. For the rest of the trip I put on my VR glasses and watch the news and comments on world events…

A few thoughts on the technical implementation: Individualised local and long-distance public transportation

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