Offline Networking at Conferences

Conference are always the same:

You meet long known pals from the industry. You chat about this and that, maybe about an already visited session, chatter from the industry, visit some more, more or less interesting presentations, and that’s it…

Probably you’ll take home a lot some well meant intentions, “ah yes, this thing from that sessionI wanted to apply already long time ago…”,  “oh, that’s a new aspect, I’ll have to see how that’ll fit into my measures…” and so on – but then the daily grind catches you faster than you could imagine and all well meant intentions are forgotten until the next conference.

Why don’t do it differently?

Don’t sit with your long known pals!

Sit next to total strangers! And before the session starts, introduce yourself to the left and to the right (you got your elevator pitch ready, right?), ask for an exchange of business cards!

Because, maybe the next big business-chance is sitting right next to you.

And if not, what did you lose?


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