5 reasons why the Gutenberg editor of WordPress is still useless


Now, for the first time, I have had to create an article with pictures using the new Gutenberg editor, which WordPress delivers as the standard editor since version 5.0. First of all: In my eyes, the Gutenberg editor has been a great success in terms of handling. Anyone who has already worked with other modern … Read more5 reasons why the Gutenberg editor of WordPress is still useless

Individualised local and long-distance public transportation

Stau / Traffic Jam

The challenge Who nowadays has to commute a longer distance to work in a metropolis has surely already noticed that we are heading with giant steps towards a total traffic collapse if not something fundamental happens. Even larger, wider roads with more lanes will only be able to solve the problem to a limited extent. … Read moreIndividualised local and long-distance public transportation

meta name=”robots” and robots.txt

indexed though blocked by robots.txt

While talking to bloggers and other webmasters, I find out that often the concepts for the meta-tag robots (meta name=”robots” …) and the robots.txt file are not understood and not seldom used in a way that hurts the rankings of the website. Index, noindex, follow, nofollow and combinations The meta-tag “robots” give you the ability to … Read moremeta name=”robots” and robots.txt

Offline Networking at Conferences

Conference Crowd just before the start of a session

Conference are always the same: You meet long known pals from the industry. You chat about this and that, maybe about an already visited session, chatter from the industry, visit some more, more or less interesting presentations, and that’s it… Probably you’ll take home a lot some well meant intentions, “ah yes, this thing from … Read moreOffline Networking at Conferences