Author: Michael H.E. Roth

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Commuting in the future – a vision

Oh shit, the alarm. Yesterday it got later than planned, again. But I have to get up, the transporter waits a maximum of 60 seconds, if I don‘t get in by then it leaves without me… Quickly under the shower and get dressed, on the...

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meta name=”robots” and robots.txt

While talking to bloggers and other webmasters, I find out that often the concepts for the meta-tag robots (meta name=”robots” …) and the robots.txt file are not understood and not seldom used in a way that hurts the rankings of the website. Index, noindex, follow,...

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Offline Networking at Conferences

Conference are always the same: You meet long known pals from the industry. You chat about this and that, maybe about an already visited session, chatter from the industry, visit some more, more or less interesting presentations, and that’s it… Probably you’ll take home a...